“Frigo” in Italian means refrigerator and FRI-go  is an original Italian idea and design!


FRI-go is a brand that comes from a strong desire of freedom.



FRI-go  is not just a brand, it is a real lifestyle.

Playing off the sound of the prefix FRI / Free, FRI-go  is a slogan, an invitation to be free to go!

Wearing FRI-go  means feeling free to be yourself, to express your emotions, to build your own lifestyle according to your inclinations.

The brand is represented by a vintage refrigerator, revisited with a modern design.

The refrigerator is intended as a container of ideas, emotions, moods, passions.

FRI-go, your Lifestyle

The message we want to convey to everyone, but especially to young people, is the importance of adopting a lifestyle that respects people and their personality and at the same time living free to express your identity in all its forms. Free to be, to feel, to do, free to go. 

FRI-go, your Lifestyle


Change the way you Express yourself and share Ideas and Passions
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